Leather Wrap Bracelet | Real Onyx Gemstones

Leather Wrap Bracelet | Real Onyx Gemstones

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Onyx crystal stones are described to be so dark in color that it echoes the stillness of the night sky. Peruvian and Native American traditions believe that the onyx’ color inspires personal power that results from facing one’s fears. This stone mirrors the black but restorative void of the nighttime where everything is still and quiet. This serves to free people from their everyday fears, and allows them to face the brightness of the next day with renewed energy.


This Boho Leather bracelet is made with real onyx stones and is meant to be worn as one’s reminder of having great power over their fears. It measures 6.7 inches (17 cm), and is styled according to the bohemian’s aesthetic. This piece’s use of the onyx stone allows it to be very versatile when styling with an outfit.


Empower yourself with this piece! Be reminded of the strength you truly hold.

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